As a typical male I like to think of my life in boxes. Box 1 is my family. Box two, church. Three is work. Wouldn’t it be nice if each box could stay contained, nicely separate and neat and organized? Smiling yet?

This blog resides in the space between the boxes. The messy, unorganized, scary, fun, and interesting areas. The parts of my life that intersect. Because nearly all boxes seem to include my faith, my addiction to technology, and my tendency to lead, this blog will likely stick to themes along these lines.

To help you understand the space between my boxes, let me try to give you a quick overview of the boxes themselves:

Box 1 – Family
Happily married to my college sweetheart, an angel of a hospice RN, I am also the father of two middle school girls. This box includes lots of soccer, homework, TV nights, afternoons on the lake, and daddy/daughter dates.

Box 2 – Church
My faith is not something I can contain in a box. It likes to show up in all the boxes, even when I try my best to keep it out. My church box is probably a bit too full of service, as it seems things like running the sound board, creating video segments, leading mission projects, and the like have a tendency to take up the majority of my time. My greatest challenge is slowing down, reflecting and taking the time to simply pray.

Box 3 – Work
I have the privilege to lead the sales, marketing, support, business development & social media efforts for Gannett Healthcare Group‘s continuing education businesses. These include ContinuingEducation.com, Nurse.com, CE Direct, and PearlsReview.com.


Ken Ramirez


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Geeky dad,
    I have a reletively new parents site (www.parents-space.com) operating since mid March, and would love to have you contribute to the internet safety category. (Or to any other category, for that matter). Please look into this site and my personal blog http://parentingandstuff.wordpress.com/ , and mail me if interested: info@parents-space.com . Thanks, looking forward 🙂

  2. I found you through your video on setting up a gmail kid’s account. Worked perfectly. I appreciate your dedication to keeping our children safe. Blessings!

  3. Johann Wu says:

    Hi Geeky dad,

    My 11 year old son needs an email account and I have been hesitant on giving any of my 3 children any email account. Then I found this great step-step process from youtube on how to create a SAFE child gmail account. And I found that your family are believers make us feel really good.

    Anyway thanks for the great tool and May the Lord bless your family.
    Johann Wu

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